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Whole School WAB Weekly

Whole School WAB Weekly: February 14, 2018

No ASAs/Late Buses Today: Please note there are no late buses today, Wednesday, February 14, as we begin our Chinese New Year holiday. All students who ride the bus should go home on the 3:30 bus, as there will be no ASAs today. Thank you for your cooperation! Happy Year of the Dog!

Campus Closed for Chinese New Year: As you enjoy the Spring Festival holiday and time away from school, please note that campus will be completely closed February 16-18. That means there will be no access to campus facilities, including classrooms, gyms, and more. School resumes on Monday, February 26.

FLoW21 Updates: Please have a look at the Future of Learning at WAB (FLoW21) blog to learn about our community-wide journey to transform the educational experience. Every week, we post blogs that explain the FLoW21 Targets, or goals, associated with our work so that you can better understand them and also identify how they are being implemented in your children's day-to-day life at school. Last week, we wrote "Target 4 Explained: Inquiry-based Learning." This week, we take a look at "Inquiry-based Learning in Action" at WAB and how our work aligns with the International Baccalaureate's vision.

Parent Link Annual Election: Parent Link would like to invite all WAB parents to take part in the upcoming Parent Link elections on Wednesday, March 21, at 10am. You can click this link for more information. All parents are automatically members of the Parent Link and are encouraged to be involved! You can stand for a position, vote for office-holders, and provide your input for the future direction of Parent Link. We hope to see you there in the ES 2F Conference Room!

Join the Parent Link Choir: No firecrackers? Make a racket anyway! Join the next Parent Choir session on Wednesday, February 28, from 1:30-2:30pm at the new Parent Lounge in the HUB. Sign up by sending an email to communitylink@wab.edu. Already 44 members and counting!

The Middle School service club New Sunshine at WAB is hosting a piano concert on March 10, in Bao Li (Poly) Theatre to support children with leukemia. They are offering some free tickets to the community. Please see the attached flyer. More information will come after the break.

Parent Volunteers for Fun Fair: Are you a fun person? Do you like happy children? If so, we have just the opportunity for you! Parent Link is seeking volunteers to organize the annual WAB Fun Fair in May. To find out more about this exciting event and how to take part, contact Parentlink@wab.edu.

Reporting Absences: We ask that if your child is absent due to illness you inform your child's school section health clinic of the reason. ES clinic: esnurses@wab.edu ext: 7101/7104. MS clinic: msnurses@wab.edu ext: 7102. HS clinic: hsnurses@wab.edu ext: 7103.

Elementary School

Elementary School WAB Weekly

Elementary School WAB Weekly: February 14, 2018

Happy Spring Festival!

No Late Buses Today: Please note there are no late buses today, as we begin our Chinese New Year holiday. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Changes in Elementary Administration: After having such a positive impact on the Elementary School, we will be wishing a farewell to Assistant Principal Justine Smyth at the end of this year. She has dedicated the last 8 years to WAB and has been an invaluable staff member in her role. Justine has accepted an administrative position at Jakarta Intercultural School. Please join us in wishing her all the best in the new role!

Although we are sad to see her go, we are also happy to announce PYP Coordinator Nat Atherton as the incoming Elementary School Assistant Principal. Nat was chosen from a strong internal pool of applicants, and his systems knowledge and ability to communicate with parents and children will be an asset for him in this role.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences: Thanks to parents for your active partnership in participating in the conferences on Tuesday. We value your perspective. A strong partnership between school and home is a recipe for the best possible education for your children. Thank you for your support.

ASA Season 2 ended last week. ASA Season 3 confirmations will be sent home on Wednesday, February 28. Please email Jane Gooden if you have any questions about the registration process. ASA Season 3 begins the week of March 12.

Elementary School Make-up Portraits: New students and those who were unable to attend the first round of portraits will have their pictures taken on March 7. Students should receive the schedule early next week. You can find the list here. If you have any questions, please contact ES Reception at esreception@wab.edu.

The ES Celebration of Languages, March 5-9: Lunchtime events have been organized for teachers and students to engage in language activities. One important parent event will be a presentation on the importance of maintaining the Mother tongue. Please join us Wednesday, March 7, from 8:45-10am in the Lotus Lounge to learn in a workshop with our language teachers.

What's Happening in the ES? (View WAB Calendar here)

  • February 26: School Resumes
  • March 1: Anger Management Workshop - Hot to take the Grr Out of Anger (8:45-10am)
  • March 7: The Importance of Maintaining the Mother Tongue Workshop (8:45-10am)

ES Blog

Parents, don't forget to read your school blog for specific class information!

Middle School

Middle School WAB Weekly

The Middle School wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year! We hope that you will have a warm and joyful time with family and friends.

Updating Your Contact Information: Parents are reminded that you can update your contact information in PowerSchool yourself. It's important that you keep your most current information so that our communication can reach you in a timely manner. Thank you!

Grade 8-9 Transition has started, and students will visit High School classes after the break. There will be a Coffee Morning for Grade 8 parents on March 6, from 8:30-9:30am in HS Wild Ginger, to provide more information about the transition process.

The Middle School service club New Sunshine at WAB is hosting a piano concert on March 10, in Bao Li (Poly) Theatre to support children with leukemia. They are offering some free tickets to the community. Please see the attached flyer. More information will come after the break.

What is Happening in the MS? (View WAB Calendar here)

  • February 14: Temple Fair & Chinese New Year Assembly
  • February 15-25: Spring Festival Holiday (No School)
  • February 26: Day 7 DABC
  • March 5: Student Portrait Make-up Session
  • March 6: Grade 8-9 Transition Coffee Morning
  • March 8: Parent Coffee Morning: Tips and Insight for Raising Happy, Healthy and Technologically Empowered Teens

MS Blog

Parents, don't forget to read your school blog for specific class information!

High School

High School WAB Weekly

The Year of the Dog is upon us! The High School wishes you a wonderful New Year and Spring Festival Holiday. Best wishes for the coming year.

Updating your Email: Parents are reminded that if you have changed your email, we may not have a current way of contacting you. Important emails from our Parent Link representatives at each grade level, Grade Level Leaders, counselors and Communications often go out. If you haven't received anything recently, you may have an old email listed in our PowerSchool system. Please update your contact information by signing into your or your child's PowerSchool account. If you do not know how to do this, please contact HS Reception for help.

Course Selection for Next Year: The course selection process for next year is already well underway. Students currently in Grade 10 must return their course selection sheets by March 20. All other students should return their form by March 6.

Off-campus Privilege for Grade 12: Beginning March 5, to help the Grade 12s prepare for a more independent educational environment, the seniors will no longer be required to remain on campus when they are not in scheduled classes, such as during their study blocks or SDL time. Parents are reminded that students can only participate in off campus privileges with their permission. Please sign and return the permission form your child received in homeroom. Questions can be directed to Todd Hutchinson at thutchinson@wab.edu To read more about off campus privileges, see this letter.

March PSTCs: Parent Student Teacher Conferences are on March 8 (3:30 – 7:30pm) and 9 (8am-4:30pm). PickAtime will be open on Tuesday, February 27 for parents to schedule interviews with teachers. If you need instructions on how to make appointments, click here for more information.

Grade 12 Mock Exam Reports will be available online on PowerSchool on Friday, March 2. For more information on how to access reports online, watch this video. Congratulations to our Grade 12 students for concluding this important milestone! May exams, here we come!

Grade 8 Transition meetings and activities will kick off after the Spring Festival Holiday. Beginning the week of February 26, Grade 8 students will visit the HS and attend classes. There will be a Coffee Morning meeting for parents regarding the 8 to 9 transition on March 6, from 8:30-9:30am in HS Wild Ginger. We hope to see our new HS parents at that event!

WABX Update: This weekend our teams take a break for the Spring Festival holiday. For future games and activities, a full schedule of sporting events, match results and other WABX news can always be found here, on the WABX webpage.

Important Message from Visa Office: If your child is turning 18 soon, we encourage you to contact our school affairs department via Zhang Rui rui_zhang@wab.edu and Janet Wang jwang@wab.edu.

What's Happening in HS? (View WAB Calendar here)

  • February 15-25: Spring Festival Holiday (No School)
  • February 27: Pickatime Opens for Conference Bookings
  • March 1: USA Universities Information Session
  • March 1-5: APAC Theatre at WAB
  • March 2: Grade 12 Mock Exam Reports Go Live
  • March 6: Grades 8-9 Transition Information Session
  • March 8-9: HS Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences