WAB 1:1 Laptop Program

WAB is an Apple Distinguished School and runs a successful 1:1 laptop program.

All WAB students in Grades 6-12 are required to have their own Apple MacBook that meets the following requirements:

Minimum specifications:
• Apple MacBook Pro or Air
• Processor speed - 2.3GHz (1.6GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz for MacBook Air)
• RAM - 8 GB RAM
• SSD storage - 256GB minimum
• 80GB Free space available for WAB required applications
• macOS High Sierra – in English

If you have purchased an Apple MacBook in the last two years, it is likely to meet the minimum specifications. However, if you are unsure, please bring your laptop to the nearest WAB IT Help Desk and we will check whether or not it will be acceptable for use at WAB in the 2019/2020 school year.

Purchase Channel:

You may purchase new laptops from Apple store in Beijing or your home country.

WAB partners with SolutionKeys - Authorized Apple Reseller for Education to facilitate the purchase of your new computer via SolutionKeys website: http://store.solutionkeys.com/byod/wab.html Extended Apple Care Warranty (3 years) is not compulsory, however WAB IT recommend including it in the order. To know about Extended Apple Care, please visit Apple official website: http://www.apple.com/support/products/mac.html

WAB approved software collection is required for all student computers at WAB. The WAB IT department works closely with school sections to prepare this collection every year and arranges to purchase the required software and version. This software and updates are installed on all computers used at WAB via WAB's IT network.

WAB respects and follows all copyright laws and only puts legal software on computers used on premises.

WAB owned software collection is removed when students leave WAB.

MacBooks bought elsewhere need to be registered with IT when brought in to school to ensure that:
- they meet the minimum specifications
- are installed with all required software needed while the student is at WAB

New laptops can be reinstalled with WAB software at Middle and High school IT helpdesk, a loaner computer can be provided during laptop installation.

Personal Data Storage and Backup:
Students are responsible for backing up all files from their MacBook. Parents should ensure that their children have an external hard disk drive with sufficient storage capacity and make sure they check with their child if regular backups are being taken.

If you have questions regarding the purchase of a new computer, your current computer or WAB Laptop Program, please contact WAB IT manager Joshua Meng at Joshua_meng@wab.edu