Information Technology

At WAB, technology makes a difference by transforming and enhancing teaching, learning and assessment. Our responsibility is to prepare students for the world they will encounter.

We will use technology to:

Connect our community of learners through fostering collaboration and improving communication across the school sections, throughout the school community and beyond.

Inspire creativity and innovation through new classroom paradigms and instructional models, and promote achievement throughout our learning community.

Challenge us to accelerate, differentiate and personalize learning, to raise our expectations, to think critically, to become responsible digital citizens, and independent problem solvers

Technology at WAB Overview

WAB is proud to be a pioneer as the earliest adopter of utilizing Apple computers in a one-to-one program in China. In our rigorous IB academic environment, the assurance of quality hardware and software is imperative to meeting our educational goals. We have embraced what Apple has to offer in a large scale and comprehensive way.

Our IT infrastructure is extensive and robust, providing a seamless environment to support our technology-rich program. Our IT Help Desks are modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar, offering hands-on technical support to our students and staff. Certified Apple repair technicians are available onsite.

WAB holds a rich history of utilizing technology in stimulating and inspired ways to meet the needs and expectations of today’s students. They must be prepared to succeed in a very different workplace, and indeed a different world than generations past. Critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration are important abilities to be developed and nurtured through a variety of educational experiences. Well beyond the use of technology we have come to expect in first-rate schools such as WAB, the integration of new and exciting technology into our everyday experience such as blogs, podcasts, video production and broadcasting bring our students’ involvement to whole new level.

WAB offers exceptional access to Apple computers and mobile devices for all students, staff and administrators. Grade 3-12 students participate in our one-to-one laptop program. Nursery through grade 2 classrooms are provided sets of iPads, iPod Touches and laptops. iPads are employed throughout the school by various departments, from PE to learning support to core subject areas and more.