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Mission Statement

At WAB, the mission statement is the cornerstone by which we interact as a community and design strategic plans for the future. Along with our Philosophy and Core Values, WAB’s mission statement provides the context for our daily activities as well as the framework for our strategic direction.


WAB’s curriculum development process has been led by teams of teachers and administrators across all school sections, and has been informed by a wide array of current research and best practices. The framework, standards and benchmarks are now available for members of the WAB community on This information will help all stakeholders to clearly understand what students will be taught and assessed within specific content areas.

Key Curriculum Design Principles

  • To ensure an effective curriculum the development process is dynamic, evolutionary and embedded, and refreshed with current research.
  • Student learning results and data will be used to evaluate and up-date the curriculum.
  • What is in the written curriculum must be taught and assessed.
  • The curriculum is designed around the primary goal of enduring understanding to ensure all learning standards have value beyond school.
  • Curriculum designers/writers will be determined by expertise.
  • Standards are the school’s statements of evidence of intended learning that include understanding, knowledge, dispositions and skills (trans disciplinary and subject-specific).
  • The WAB Mission and Core Values are used to determine and prioritize the standards (gong he, learner-centered, caring, mosaic of diversity, china-global coherence).
  • Benchmarks are indicators of progress toward a standard on a developmental continuum and can be expressed in a variety of ways.


All current written curriculum standards, benchmarks and course overviews can be found at for all school sections.


If you have any questions, please contact the curriculum coordinators: